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As one of the fastest growing memorabilia companies in the UK, we at Double86 Sporting Memorabilia, can work with you to provide profitable items of memorabilia for auctions and events.

If you are running an event and need genuine quality memorabilia for an auction or raffle, we would be happy to assist.

We can provide a varied selection of signed memorabilia for you to auction/raffle/silent auction at your events on a sale or return basis.  We offer our pieces at a very competitive reserve price to you and any monies you raise above that amount will be profit for your beneficiaries.  We can also accommodate your own items, allowing you 100% profit on these items. 

Double86 Sporting Memorabilia can also provide support and manpower to assist at any of your events with auctions and silent auctions.  We would have dedicated, knowledgeable staff on site at your events to help promote, advise and co-ordinate any auctions, silent auctions or raffles as required.

Consultancy before your event - We will discuss your event and agree on the type and amount of signed items that fit each specific event.  We will also agree the best way to promote the items and the timing of the auction, silent auction and raffle, etc.

At your Event - We would display and promote the items at your event, including communication as to how the auctions/silent auction will work, etc.  Our knowledgeable staff will be able to provide details on the auction lots, including details of when and where the items were signed, etc.  After the auction/silent auction has ended will complete the administration of determining winners, collecting payments, arranging deliveries, etc.

We can also arrange for an auctioneer to host the auction at extra cost, if required.

After the Event - After the event we will provide you with a list of all the winning bids, the prices paid and the amounts due to yourselves.  As stated previously all items are on a sale or return basis, therefore there is absolutely no charge for any unsold items.  We will then transfer the funds to your bank account.


we can help promote and support any of your events, or even arrange events for you.  We can provide Sporting Speakers; MCs; Comedians to attend your events, etc.  Events can be arranged of any size or magnitude and tailored to your specific requirements.  We would also promote events via our Website, contacts, and other sales outlets.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.